Is Paul Really an Apostle of Jesus Christ or is he Really a False Prophet 
  Written By Chris Hargrove Feb. 2, 2013 Copyright   May 15, 2016 Revised Edition
  All references from the Holy Bible are from the King James Version and are indicated by (KJV)
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Revised Edition
Since publishing my book I’ve had a chance to go over it with others and in the process I’ve taken out some of the chapters that I felt didn’t have as much relevance towards the differences between Jesus true gospel and Paul’s false doctrine I all so have gotten more scripture that shows more proof for other chapter’s relevance of Jesus gospel compared to Paul’s doctrine.
Table of Contents 
Chapter   1 Introduction
Chapter   2 Jesus New Covenant and It’s Prophecy in the Old Testament 
Chapter   3 On How to be Saved Jesus says to follow the Law and Paul says not to
Chapter   4 How To stay saved Jesus says do Works that bear Fruit, Paul says use words and faith
Chapter   5 Jesus says some are Righteous, Paul says None are Righteous 
Chapter   6 Jesus was Resurrected in the Flesh, but Paul says Jesus was Resurrected in the Spirit
Chapter   7 Jesus and the rest of the Bible say we go the New Earth, Paul says we go to Heaven
Chapter   8 There is only twelve Apostles Into Eternity, But Acts adds  Matthias and Paul  
Chapter   9 Is Jesus Body the Bread of the Passover, or the Church, or is Jesus the Bridegroom
Chapter 10 Does the Bible teach that the Devil will pervert the Messiahs work after the Messiah’s ascension to the father, like the Devil did with Adam and Eve right after creation  
Chapter 11 Do Christians go on sinning what Jesus says verse’s what Paul say’s
Chapter 12 On who should be called Rabbi, Teacher, Pastor, Leader  or Master
Chapter 13 Is it ok to eat Meat Sacrificed to Idols
Chapter 14 On who to call Father
Chapter 15 Who Should We Follow and Imitate Jesus or Paul
Chapter 16 Jesus Eats With Sinners but Paul Excludes Eating With Sinners  
Chapter 17 Jesus instructs us to feed the poor, But Paul Puts Up Barriers
Chapter 18 Jesus says Call no one fool Paul does it twice
Chapter 19 Is Pleasing All Men A Good Thing or a Bad Thing
Chapter 20 Who made up The Audiences of Jesus and Paul
Chapter 21 Gods Condemnation
Chapter 22 Paul Misquote’s the Communion Liturgy Jesus Gave
Chapter 23 Jesus says God Is not The God of the Dead but Paul Says he is 
Chapter 24 Some of Paul’s books weren’t even written by him
Chapter 25 Paul's Contradictions of God and Old Testament
Chapter 25 A. On Slavery
Chapter 25 B. On which food is ok to eat
Chapter 26 Paul's Contradictions of Himself 
Chapter 26 A. Faith Alone Save’s You or Giving Birth With Faith or Being Married to A Believer  
Chapter 26 B. Bear Burdens of Others or Just Your own
Chapter 26 C. Unless I Arrange it Circumcision Will Cause Christ No Longer To Benefit You 
Chapter 26 D. Paul contradicts him self on his account of Jesus Appearance to him
Chapter 27 Last thoughts on the Book
Chapter 1 Introduction
  About the author
    I grew up in Franklin Tennessee raised up in the Church of Christ Denomination I was taught that the King James Bible is the invaluable word of God. I remember a sermon on the Sabbath from when I was young and it seemed to make since except how Paul said we no longer have to keep the Law that plus our preacher taught that we could worship any day of the week even though we all ways worshiped on Sunday, which I thought was the last day of the week until my mother told me that Sunday was the first day of the week I was stunned she said we worship on Sunday because of Jesus resurrection on the first day and Paul’s gospel, I didn’t fully accept the idea at that time but thought every denomination that I knew of worshiped on Sunday. Years later I went to my local library to do research to see which translation of the Bible was the most accurate they only had Bible’s translated from the Greek which at the time was all I knew about I studied the difference’s between them and read some books that researched the various Greek translated Bibles and came to the conclusion that the King James version is the inspired word of God then some time after that I fell away from Church.
  Years later when I was thirty five I came back to the Church and some time after that I had a disagreement with the preacher on a sermon he preached in which he said God died on the cross because I’ve all ways known that Gods son died on the cross so the preacher made it sound if Jesus is God himself and not just the son of God so I started researching the Bible again this time I had the internet and a Bible research program on my computer that could find any word every where it was in the Bible, When I was finished I had my first Sermon Titled “The 3 are 1 The Father, Son, and Holy Spirit” which I finished in 2010 which cover’s the meaning of the phrase’s “As One Man or Are One Mind” in the Bible which explains the phrase’s “As One Man or Are One Mind” refers  to a group of people working together all most as if they had the same mind and not all being the same person I used this text to shatter the idea that God, Jesus, and Holy Spirit are the same person because they are not, After I finished this sermon I started studying and researching the history of Christianity, Judaism and all the other different versions of the Bible. I learned that the information at my public library was grossly inadequate cause I found out about the Aramaic version of the Bible as well as countless other translated versions of the Greek and in my research I’ve found that they all are very similar the Aramaic one claim as the Greek do to be the original text but the Aramaic made the most since to me to actually be the original in it being written in the language Jesus and the Apostle’s used, as well as the clarity I found in verse’s with the way the Aramaic could have been translated wrong if they used it to come out with the Greek for instance there’s the parable about the story Jesus of the rich on how hard it is for them to make it to heaven in the Greek its translated camel through the eye of a needle verses the Aramaic versions translated rope in the eye of a needle instead which makes more since because if the did translate it from Aramaic into Greek the word for camel and needle look very similar and for some one who may have not known the Aramic language that well it would have been an easy mistake to have made. 
Then I decided to go ahead and relearn the whole New Testament for my self with out a teacher telling me what things meant praying for wisdom from God so I ended up researching the Bible on the subject of the Sabbath again because even after I came out with my sermon and explained why we should observe the Sabbath to family and friends and have many of them disagree with me still and when I was finished I came to the conclusion again that we should still worship on the Sabbath and that people were getting confused because of the Law that Paul refers to saying the Act of Jesus Crucifixion was the end to the Law which I understood to be the Law of Sin not the law of God which is a phrase Paul used in his doctrine in the Bible a few verse’s from where he mentions the end to the law this plus my research on Judaism gave me the conclusion that he was referring to the law of sin This was the only thing that made since to me at the time because other wise he is Teaching the opposite of what Jesus, during my research on Sabbath observance I had the thought come to mind that Paul may be a false prophet because of this but I decided I was probably wrong because I didn’t think he could fool just about the whole world. 
 Then I started studying the Lost Books of the Bible and I used the New Testament writing’s to decide if those books were scriptural or not and I decided that they are non scriptural, Now this plus the research I did on the Sabbath as well as the research I did on the history of Christianity and the knowledge of how we got our current bible through the Council of Laodicea by the Catholic Church in 150 a.d. and with the knowledge of how the catholic church through out history and today do what they want contrary to what the Bible teaches for example referring to their Leaders as father and making graven images of dead saints even going as far as having followers pray to dead saints to speak on their behalf to God, which Jesus said to pray to him and he would talk to God the rather and to call no man on earth father for one is your father god himself so that’s just two examples of catholic doctrine not following Jesus gospel, so I decided to double check the books of the New Testament by compareing them to the gospel of Jesus written by the apostles and the other books written by Jesus family and in doing so I found that Paul was teaching the opposite of what Jesus taught over and over again contradicting Jesus gospel plus Paul contradicted himself as well over and over again and knowing that a contradiction is a lie I have no choice but to believe that Paul’s Gospel is non scriptural as well as some of the other books that we all have used and considered to be scriptural the books the catholic church chose and put together as the Bible. This as you could imagine was hard on my faith in God but as I have pursued living my life praying for wisdom and to know the true word of God following the Law’s of God as I go along learning them and ignoring Paul’s gospel I feel as though I have grown even closer to God. 
   In this book I go over all the difference’s between Jesus Gospel and Paul’s gospel as well as the points where the Apostles and the Prophets disagree with Paul’s gospel and in doing so I prove that Paul isn’t an Apostle of Jesus but instead a False Prophet but don’t take my word for it read this book and follow along with your own bible checking each verse for your self even go as far as reading the entire chapter or book where a verse came from then pray over it and ask God for guidance and wisdom and see if by the time your done reading this book you agree that Paul is indeed a false prophet and if some how you don’t think so then please email me at CHRIS@THEBRIDEOFJESUSCHRIST.ORG.